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National Wage Increase Justified, must be given Now!

In marking Labor Day this year, it is opportune to heighten the call for a nationwide wage increase.

The economic crisis that is besetting our country is only becoming more glaring and undeniable and a wage increase can ease the burden of most of our countrymen. In the recent data released by IBON Foundation last March, the minimum daily wage in the National Capital Region is only 404 pesos, not even half of the estimated cost of living for a family with five members which is 917 pesos.

In the Cordillera Region, the minimum daily wage is at 255 to 272 pesos in the Agriculture sector while 238-254 pesos in the non-agriculture sector. This is evidently an insufficient amount to sustain a decent living given the living conditions in the region. If the government is undermining the probability of the wage increase by saying that it will harm the industries and eventually the economy in general, we are unconvinced. These industries are earning millions a day and it is unlikely that they cannot compensate well for the workers who fuel their production and essentially give life to their businesses.

With that, we join the legion of workers in demanding for a national wage increase now!

This increase is justified and not giving it to the people will only prove that Aquino’s interests do not square with us, the Filipino people.



CHESTCORE support statement

The College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines is supporting the Community Health Education, Services and Training in the Cordillera Region (CHESTCORE)’s call to stop the harassment its staff members and volunteers are experiencing in outlying parts of the Cordillera region. This harassment hinders the fulfillment of the organization’s objective to render medical assistance to farflung areas in the region.

We are likewise calling on the Armed Forces of the Philippines to observe International Humanitarian Laws and stop from its baseless red-tagging which they use to justify questionable such as this. Lastly, we are condemning the government’s Oplan Bayanihan which acts as the overaching framework of this actions. Campus journalists also become victims of this one-sided scheme as many of them are surveilled, red-tagged or harassed by suspected military elements in disguise as well.

For that, we demand an end to the harassment of
Cordillera Health Workers. We demand an end to the militarization of
Cordillera communities.

Generating Jobs in the country will prevent future OFW executions

Press Statement

Last March 30, three Filipinos were executed in China after being convicted with drug trafficking. Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, 32, Elizabeth Batain, 38 and Ramon Credo, 42 were said to be brought into a “private place” before the death penalty was applied. All of them left their families here and pursued a job overseas just to ensure their family’s livelihood.

While lapses in the recruitment process and security enforcement against drug traffickers are valid concerns, the misfortune that befell to our countrymen in China reverberates a much important problem – unemployment and underemployment in our country. Had there been enough and appropriate jobs in the country that can cater to its citizens, it would no longer need to “sell” the labor force of its citizens abroad. If only the jobs available in the country are well-compensated and not tainted with issues like contractualization and lack of benefits, our work force will no longer entertain the idea of going abroad just to ensure the welfare of their families. Moreover, they would no longer need to take risks by applying under illegal recruiting agencies just to respond to the urgency of working abroad.

The mishap that occurred to our three countrymen last week should be the wake-up call that will show us what our country really needs. We do not need modern-day heroes enslaving themselves abroad for meager pay and for mere economic survival. We need a sustained economy that can generate jobs within the country for our people and will serve the interest of the nation as a whole.

Certainly, we do not want more of our OFWs being executed in a foreign land.

College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines Baguio-Benguet Chapter


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