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Around 400 students marched to assert issues, demands

In a concerted effort to forward youth issues and their demands to the Aquino administration, various youth organizations in from different campuses in Baguio-Benguet held the State of the Youth Address last July 19 at Malcolm Square. A build-up activity was conducted in the University of the Philippines Baguio where students were called upon to walk out of their classes to show their support in voicing out the youth issues and demands. It was in this event that the

At around 11:30 in the morning, students in UP Baguio started to assemble before doing a snake rally within the campus to call on other students to join in the walk-out. A short program followed after the snake rally where representatives from different youth organizations, staff members and the faculty showed their support for and explained the need for having a collective action such as the walk-out.  Erlinda Palaganas, faculty of the Institute of Management, even expressed her dismay on the UP Baguio Student Council who did not overtly led the action.

The group of UP students walked out of the campus at around 01:00 in the afternoon. They passed through Governor Pack Road where they also urged the University of Cordillera students to join in the walkout, Session Road, Magsaysay Avenue, SLU main gate and then back to Peoples’ Park, Malcolm Square. The UP students sat by the road in front of SLU main gate while also calling on them to join the walkout.

In the Malcolm Square, a short program was held where representatives from different universities like University of Baguio, Saint Louis University, Benguet State University and Baguio Central University also showed solidarity with the event. Tracy Anne Dumalo of Anakbayan-Cordillera closed the program by reasserting the youth’s demands to Aquino for quality and free education, protection of human rights and decent employment. “Inaasahan namin sa kanyang State of the Nation Address sa July 25 na aaminin niya ang mga nagging pagkukulang sa mga batayang serbisyong kailangan ng mga kabataan at hanapan ng pangmatagalang solusyon ang mga problemang dinudulot nito sa mga kabataan at mamamayang Pilipino.”

Around 400 students from different Baguio-Benguet colleges joined in the event that is part of a nationally-coordinated action yesterday.


Why dissent is necessary on July 19

This July 19, students and youth groups all over the country will stage a nationally-coordinated action (NCA) to show its protest against the Aquino administration which has neglected its interest and welfare after a year in office. The College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), the oldest and broadest alliance of college publication nationwide, being an organization that advances the interest of students and youth, supports this nationally-coordinated action.

Every student and members of youth organizations all over the country are expected to participate in this action that shall assert the true State of the Youth in the present. One of its main agenda is the exposure and condemnation of the Aquino’s administration overt deprivation of the right to education to its citizens. The primary manifestation of this is the huge budget cuts that the education sector, particularly State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), have received last year. 1.69 billion has been slashed from the budget of SUCs, public tertiary institutions whose funding mainly relies and should rely on the state. In the region, the funds of UP Baguio as part of the University of the Philippines System has been slashed by P1.39 billion or by 20.11% while the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenditures (MOOE) for Benguet State University has been slashed by 20.95%.


CEGP Baguio-Benguet maintains that this is part of the administration’s larger scheme of abandoning SUCs and privatizing the basic service of education. It promotes an educational system that does not promote the national interest and is not accessible to its entire people. This serves as the basis for the Guild to support the nationally coordinated action happening on July 19. It encourages all the youth nationwide to join in this mobilization and expose the situation of the youth which is in contrast to what Aquino has promised for them and has been doing since his election into office.

With this, let us all wear black on Tuesday, July 19 and join in the program and cultural jamming at People’s Park, Malcolm Square from 3pm onwards. Altogether, let us register our demands and express our dissent to Aquino’s administration. Let us show that the youth deserves to be heard in the political process and that we are sick of the way Aquino has neglected our interest and welfare.


Wear black and join in the nationally-coordinated action on July 19!

Stop all budget cuts!

Fight for Higher State Subsidy!

Call for a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education!



Upholding Campus press Freedom and writing for the students and the people



July 05, 2011

Twenty days before the College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) marks its 80th anniversary, it is firmly maintaining its ground in the protection of Campus Press Freedom and the condemnation of threats thereof.

In its nearly 80 years of existence CEGP has been in the forefront in the struggle for the students’ and people’s right to information and free expression. With the informative and critical articles its hundreds of member publications nationwide have written in their publications, CEGP has ensured the continual flow of discourse that aims to keep its readers aware and involved in their surroundings. Upholding its motto, “To write is already to choose,” CEGP shatters the illusion of absolute objectivity in the practice of journalism and remains faithful in serving the interests of the students. This leads to consistent efforts to write about the most pressing issues such as Tuition increases, anti-student Admin policies and campus repression. However, this pro-student orientation of CEGP has also made it a perennial target of the Administration’s tactics to quell the potential of the studentry’s voice and mobilization.

Members of CEGP nationwide have been affected by Campus Press Freedom violations which come in various forms. For instance, the funds of the UP Diliman Philippine Collegian have been withheld from them during the heat of the campaign against the 300% Tuition and other fees increase (TOFI) last 2006. This prompted them to resort to fund raising just to publish their newspapers. The Tandem of University of Northern Philippines was forcibly closed by the Administration after the writers published articles that expose the anomalies in the school’s executive officers.

In the region, the school publications are prone to more discreet violations of campus press freedom. Also during the 300% TOFI issue, UP Baguio Outcrop was not allowed to hold its monthly three-days, two-night presswork. This forced the staff to work on its special issue regarding TOFI in a shorter period. Most of the pubs have to undergo the rigid, bureaucratic processes which the Administration requires in the usage of the publication’s funds. This is often interpreted as the Administration’s tactic to delay the funds and hamper the operation of the school paper. Some publications have to pass a final copy of the newspaper to the Administration for approval before they can give it to the printing press. Again, these only exemplify the ways by which the Administration stifles the operations of campus papers, which are in essence, papers of, by, and most importantly, for the students.

With this, and as our 80th anniversary comes forth, CEGP Baguio-Benguet remains more firm and determined than before in calling on not just campus journalists but all students to struggle for Campus press freedom and condemn all forms by which the Administration violates this  freedom. CEGP Baguio-Benguet believes that campus journalism is a key factor in nourishing the discourse among students about their school, their communities and their society and that eventually, in making them act regarding the issues in them. Lastly, CEGP Baguio-Benguet believes that the campus writer is not confined in front of her monitor or in the face of a blank paper, she immerses herself in the society where she lives and which she writes about and constantly strives to make that society better. Only through this involvement can the campus writer be a genuine writer for students and the people.



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