Why dissent is necessary on July 19

This July 19, students and youth groups all over the country will stage a nationally-coordinated action (NCA) to show its protest against the Aquino administration which has neglected its interest and welfare after a year in office. The College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), the oldest and broadest alliance of college publication nationwide, being an organization that advances the interest of students and youth, supports this nationally-coordinated action.

Every student and members of youth organizations all over the country are expected to participate in this action that shall assert the true State of the Youth in the present. One of its main agenda is the exposure and condemnation of the Aquino’s administration overt deprivation of the right to education to its citizens. The primary manifestation of this is the huge budget cuts that the education sector, particularly State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), have received last year. 1.69 billion has been slashed from the budget of SUCs, public tertiary institutions whose funding mainly relies and should rely on the state. In the region, the funds of UP Baguio as part of the University of the Philippines System has been slashed by P1.39 billion or by 20.11% while the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenditures (MOOE) for Benguet State University has been slashed by 20.95%.


CEGP Baguio-Benguet maintains that this is part of the administration’s larger scheme of abandoning SUCs and privatizing the basic service of education. It promotes an educational system that does not promote the national interest and is not accessible to its entire people. This serves as the basis for the Guild to support the nationally coordinated action happening on July 19. It encourages all the youth nationwide to join in this mobilization and expose the situation of the youth which is in contrast to what Aquino has promised for them and has been doing since his election into office.

With this, let us all wear black on Tuesday, July 19 and join in the program and cultural jamming at People’s Park, Malcolm Square from 3pm onwards. Altogether, let us register our demands and express our dissent to Aquino’s administration. Let us show that the youth deserves to be heard in the political process and that we are sick of the way Aquino has neglected our interest and welfare.


Wear black and join in the nationally-coordinated action on July 19!

Stop all budget cuts!

Fight for Higher State Subsidy!

Call for a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education!




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