Support Statement regarding the closing of The Warden*

In the premises of the university, the student publication is regarded as an institution. Alongside the Student Council, the student publication must stand as the representative of the students. Through their publication issues, it must always defend and uphold the interest and welfare of the students, that which comprises the biggest part of the university’s population and serves as their publisher.

Without the student publication, the students will find it difficult to get the information relevant to their lives as students of the university. Without the student publication, the students will lose the convenient opportunity to air their sides and express their opinions regarding various issues inside and outside the campus. In sum, without the student publication, the students lose a striking, collective voice in the discourses within the university, a voice that is ideally maintained to be always at their service.

It is often the case that the student publication, ideally being at the forefront in every struggle for the students’ rights and welfare, receive uneasy treatment from the school administration. With the former championing the rights and welfare of the students and the latter usually opposed to it, there is an inevitable conflict arising between the campus press and the administration. With every anti-student policy or move of the administration, from tuition increases to no-laptops-in-school, the campus publication is always expected to raise a question, ultimately intended to make the entire studentry act on the situation. This uneasy treatment comes in various forms – censorship, withholding of funds, harassment of staff members and more – and can be collectively called as campus press freedom violations.

One of the most blatant forms of these violations is the closing of the publication, totally disabling their operation and in effect assaulting not just the rights of the campus journalists but also attacking the students which they are supposed to serve.

The Warden, the official student publication of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa has been recently threatened to be closed by the administration. The College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines Baguio-Benguet strongly condemns this scenario. Whoever may be responsible for this event, we strongly condemn the act and question their violation of the rights and freedom of the campus press. We challenge them not to resort to unfair tactics like this just to silence one of the representatives of the students. This is an attack not just on the campus press but the rights of the entire students. This is an attack not just on the campus journalists’ right to free expression but also on the entire studentry’s right to information. Hence, this is not a battle not just for the staff of The Warden but the entire students. Ultimately, this is a battle that all of the students must fight for and win.

Reopen PLMun The Warden Now!

Reopen All Closed Student Publications Nationwide!

Fight for Campus Press Freedom!

CEGP Baguio-Benguet Chapter

*official student publication of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa


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