Fascism in our midst and what’s with a commonly ignored term

December 07, 2011

In a report received by CEGP Baguio-Benguet from the National office of CEGP this afternoon, we were informed that during the Campus Press Campout organized by the National office as part of the Occupy Mendiola movement happening this week, six civilians were arrested, one was hospitalized after being wounded, one was hit in the private part and another one was severely hurt after being hit in the mouth and the teeth by police officials. Out of these individuals, two came from the Guild, both of them were arrested. As of the latest update, Christopher Pasion, the National Secretary-General has already been released while another one, notably a minor, is still under custody.

The complete details are yet to be clarified but even at this stage, we are already appalled by the treatment our confreres from the campus press received from the police officials. In a peaceful gathering conducted in a public place to ventilate the issues different organizations want to raise to the Aquino administration and educate the greater part of the population regarding the current plight of the country, there must be no place for violent treatments such as what were experienced by our colleagues in the campus press.

The occurrence of such only magnifies the character of the current administration. The Aquino administration, just like every regime it precedes, is one that is fascist and anti-people. It is an administration that does not encourage the participation of its constituents in the issues that hound the country. It is an administration that is willing to take up the cudgels, even to the point of extreme violence, just to quell its staunch oppositions. This Aquino administration is one that has no concern over the rights of its people especially if it contradicts its own interests.

This is fascism, one of the many –isms we hear in the streets, being shouted by protesters, being defiantly condemned by individuals and organizations who are so fed up of the current scheme of things, happening right in our midst. This is the very concretization of a term we usually find too unwieldy and hard to grasp. This reminds us that the painful terms we usually conjure – state abandonment, political repression, and illegal detention among others – are all not just terms. They haunt us in real life. This is precisely why we need to be more guarded against them; and that is precisely why we need to be more defiant and united in fighting against them.


Expose and Oppose State Fascism!

Protect and Assert civilian and political rights!





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