Loquitor Statement regarding the libel case against Outcrop

*Here is the support statement given by the Editor-in-Chief of The Loquitor, the official student publication of King’s College of the Philippines, to CEGP Baguio-Benguet for the libel case filed against UP Baguio Outcrop.

Not only that Campus Press Freedom was oppressed, as a support to the publication of the University of the Philippines Baguio-Outcrop, we hereby state that the said repression of the other party is a sign of not being fully considerate to what Campus Press Freedom implies.

Students have the right to information; they have the right to know what is happening outside and inside their campus. The campus journalists should have the privilege and the right to have a free access to all information needed from any entities inside the school vicinity and to gather other related information relevant to their articles for publication purposes.

As one of the objectives of campus journalists, we should uphold and protect the rights of the students in order to promote social, cultural and national consciousness among our co-students, this clearly states that no one should intervene nor destroy the right and privilege of campus journalists for personal objectives without a proper reason.




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