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An update on the libel case against Jesusa Paquibot, former Outcrop Editor-in-Chief (3)

August 28, 2012

As of now, the libel case against Jesusa Paquibot, former Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the UP Baguio Outcrop is put into halt as it awaits the next scheduled hearing which will be on the third of September 2012. In this hearing, the defense will get the turn to present its witnesses.

At this stage of the legal battle faced by one of the members of the Guild in her work as a campus journalist, CEGP Baguio-Benguet maintains its support to the former Outcrop EIC. We continue our call to decriminalize libel as this criminal case proves to be commonly used by powers-that-be to stifle the journalistic practice of the mainstream, local and campus press alike. We echo the call of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines to diminish the status of libel as a case from the present criminal to a civil one. We acknowledge the importance of having a libel case that can contribute in guarding against the irresponsible practice of journalism but this must not be a criminal case. We believe that our journalists, from mainstream to campus, do not play with the press freedom attributed to them. Moreover, we believe that the public’s right to know is much more important to our journalists for them to practice their profession responsibly and NOT “abuse” their press freedom as often charged against them.

We continue egging on our fellow members of the campus press and of the mainstream media to show their support for a fellow journalists’ battle. We reiterate that taken on a larger level, this is not just the battle of Paquibot; this is also the battle of the entire press for their press freedom and most importantly, a battle of the entire populace for their right to know.





College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines Baguio-Benguet


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BSU Mountain Collegian Support Statement on the Outcrop Libel case

The Mountain Collegian, the official student publication of Benguet State University (BSU), confirms its support for Jesusa Paquibot, editor-in-chief of the Outcrop, the official student publication of the University of the Philippines-Baguio (UPB), who is charged with a libel case filed against her by a certain teacher from UPB.

The Mountain Collegian accepts that campus journalists must not write afar from what is true because campus journalists have a pledge towards responsible journalism.

The Mountain Collegian recognizes the significance of campus press freedom in bringing to the student body the social task of telling the truth and expressing the ideals of the studentry. As campus journalists, The Mountain Collegian deems that campus press freedom is the heart of campus journalism. The denial of such, partly or in full and in whatever mode, is equivalent to hindering campus journalists from bringing the truth to the studentry. Furthermore, such repression is clearly violating the Constitution and the Campus Journalism Act of 1991.

The Mountain Collegian stands in the belief that the article “YupiangYupi” does not mean to insult or criticize the nature, name, and honor of anyone in particular. Moreover, the article addresses certain issues of the students, such as embarrassing campus journalists who are just doing their duties.

The Mountain Collegian hopes that justice may be served where it is due and that fairness must prevail. Lastly, all sides must be given the opportunity to be heard and the safeguard of the greatest good must be always maintained.


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